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Budder is a multi-disciplinary,
creative agency, bringing
ideas to life through DESIGN, STORY & STRATEGY.

Cannabis Branding


Creating a compelling and memorable brand requires vision, creativity, and execution. In emerging markets of all kinds, there is immense potential for the rise of prominent, distinctive brands. Those who break through during this crucial period have the opportunity to emerge as leaders and establish lasting brand equity.

Product Packaging


In the highly regulated and competitive marketplaces, product packaging needs to be adaptable, compliant and engaging.  Most emerging market brands today receive little media or advertising support. Often it's up to the the product packaging and point-of-sale display to quickly get customer attention and communicate the product's point of difference.

Dispensary Design & Merchandising


Where the art of customer experience and visual merchandising come together as the captivating theater of product sales. With expertise in storytelling, staging and props, we create immersive environments that enhance the overall shopping experience for customers.

We create thoughtful and cohesive brand experiences from digital, print, and into the built environment.

The experience of working with some of the world’s biggest brands, allows us to bring best practices and principals to the exciting brands in cannabis and other emerging markets.

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featured work

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