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Our team is composed of dedicated creators, thinkers, writers, and even a few magicians. We know that having the right people in the right places ultimately makes projects outstanding.

 Not just creatives who will blow your socks off, we’ve got the experience to bring your project from concept to reality, making sure all your critical milestones are hit and delivered on time and budget.  From brands to built environments, our multidisciplinary team is ready to tackle any project.

Laksman Frank Budder Creative Co-Owner
Michael Marra Budder Creative Co-Owner

Laksman Frank

Co-founder & Principal

Laksman is a creative director and designer with 15 years of professional experience working with health, wellness and technology startups. Many of those years were spent working alongside renowned inventor, Ray Kurzweil, designing creative visual solutions for Kurzweil's products, services and ideas. 


For the past 9 years, Laksman has focused on branding cannabis companies. He understands the unique challenges and exciting opportunities facing the cannabis industry–from state and federal product packaging regulations to the expanding recreational market. 

Michael Marra

Co-founder & Principal

Michael is the co-founder and principal of Touch Design Studio, Inc., an award winning environmental design agency with a focus on retail design, workplace interiors, events and exhibits. Industrial Designer by trade, Michael has gained over 15 years of experience designing spaces, furniture, lighting, and merchandising fixtures. In his work with such brands as Audible, JP Morgan Chase, J&J, Victoria Secret, etc., Michael’s work has been featured in numerous Design Publications including Architectural Digest, Dwell, GQ, Details, New York Magazine, Surface, and W Magazine, among others. 

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