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500+ possible configurations

Most popular configurations are under-counter, on-counter and 360 display, but the possibilities are endless!

Supports most packaging & hardware

Grooved base allows for simple plug and play merchandising.


Value engineered for economy of material and price.


Material, finish, color and printing are fully customizable.


Whether collateral is magnetic, direct-print, or paper - all printed elements are standardized and easy to update.

Designed to work with the most popular cannabis PKG and hardware form factors. 


The Budder Groove System™ is a merchandising kit of parts designed to address the unique retail needs of the cannabis industry.

The sample kit includes 9 of the most popular budder groove system merchandising components

Khalifa Kush on Budder Groove System Display

BGS for Brands

You have great products and a solid brand but your shelf presence could show that off better.  BGS will help:

  • Show up fast and look good.

  • Tell your brand's story

  • Do a lot with a small foot print

  • Elevate your products

BGS for Dispensaries

Shopping cannabinoid products is a new thing for most customers. Thoughtful merchandising that emphasizes customer education, product accessibility and trusted guidance goes a long way. 

Budder Groove System in Cloud Cannabis

Popular BGS configurations 
and Merchandising Parts

Thoughtfully designed to work with the most popular cannabis packaging and hardware form factors, BGS is the most robust merchandising system on the market and will continue to expand with the industry.

Fully Customizable and Flexible 

Whether you are a dispensary or product brand, BGS provides a comprehensive kit of merchandising parts to help elevate, communicate and sell your products in a quick, cost effective and scaleable way.


  • Choose from walnut, corian, and other materials for the base. 

  • Direct print on sintra or acrylic for a lasting graphic. Or print to magnets or paper that can easily be updated and affixed to metal or acrylic signs.

Budder Groove System with no Branding
Kit of Parts (KOP) 

Below are some of the popular parts and pieces of BGS that support specific cannabis product packaging and hardware form factors.


Flower comes is many shapes and sizes and customers want to see, smell and learn about the product details. BGS Flower Coasters make this easier to achieve while keeping compliance and safety in mind.


Edibles come in many shapes and sizes. Using the BGS Rib helps products tall thin proudcts (such as mylar bags/papers/etc) to stand upright and get attention.


Concentrates, topicals, edibles, and many more cannabis products come in small boxes which can be a challenge to merchandize effectively. BGS Ribs can help display these items on an angle maknig them easier to see and read.


The BGS Risers are fabricated from powder coated bent steel and available in numerous sizes. Risers are excellent tools for merchandising - grouping and elevating products - and taking printed magnets to provide more branding and communication opportunities. 


Vape cartridges, pens and batteries come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. BGS Pen Stands come in 3 designs accommodating most form factors. For the small percentage that do not fit the stands, BGS Wiggle Rib provides a resting point for even the most odd shaped pens and vape hardware. 


Straight and tapered wall drams, lighters, papers, grinders, etc, cannabis accessories/ packaging comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. BGS has solutions for many of these form factors, and adding more daily. 

Full System Specifications and Base Pricing:

Let’s Get Started!

STEP 1 )


By gathering all information about your brand(s) & product(s) we quickly put together suggested BGS configurations for your specific merchandising goals.


STEP 2 )

Design Setup

Design and formatting of artwork and creation of print mechanicals for each of the configurations identified in the previous step. Brand assets (logos, graphics, copy) are to be supplied to budder by client.


STEP 3 )

Mechanical files shared with fabrication. 100% made in USA.


Example  Display Cost



*Pricing is based on quantity 100 with baseline materials: MDF, sintra, acrylic and powder coated steal. RAL color system is standard. Custom colors or other color systems may affect direct print pricing. Printed paper and magnet collateral is not included. Configuration and design of the BGS system is provided as a separate service and not included in the pricing shown here. BGS is produced domestically in the USA, mitigating many overseas supply chain issues and long lead times. With that said, pricing may vary depending on multiple factors and

lead times are subject to change.

Contact us if you would like more information or to schedule a free Groove System consultation

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