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From breakthroughs in health and wellness, to large-scale economic and social opportunities, the cannabis industry is an exciting and disruptive force for good. We are inspired by the plant, by its nascent industry, and by the trailblazing people behind it all. We carry that excitement through to the brands that we work with and create–looking to inspire and be inspired.

  • Naming and Positioning

  • Brand Strategy and Messaging

  • Logo and Identity Design

  • Copywriting

  • Application Mock-ups

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Brand Style Guide

Apothecanna Pantone Selects

digital design

Your brand’s digital presence is one of the most important brand engagements to consider–websites and social media are likely the first places that most potential customers or clients will encounter your brand. A well designed website and impactful social media presence helps draw in potential customers and communicate to a wide audience. 

  • Website Design

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media Content Strategy and Design

  • Content Management 

  • Technical Support

  • Animation


Most cannabis brands today receive very little media and advertising support. Many times it’s up to packaging at point of sale to perform the heavy lifting of advertising. In just a few seconds, the packaging must attract attention, tell the brand’s story, and compel the purchase. As new emerging markets come online, our packaging needs to adhere to strict compliancy laws and safety protocols state-to-state, while remaining adaptable and engaging.

  • Packaging Design

  • Product Positioning and Strategy

  • Compliance Planning

  • Mock-ups and 3D Renderings

  • Print Production

  • Vendor Sourcing and Management

CBx Packaging Flatlay
Dosist Merchandising Design


Visual merchandising is the theater of selling–from storytelling to staging and  props. We consider production methods to create budgeted minded solutions that will be scalable to help simplify production and larger extended rollouts, while also maintaining a premium brand aesthetic, continuing to enhance brand equity and visibility. 

  • Merchandising Design and Development

  • On-Shelf Collateral

  • POS Displays, Fixtures, and Lighting Concepts 

  • Mechanicals and Schematics

  • Programming and Message Schedule

  • Fabrication Management

  • Vendor and Bid Management

  • Installation Oversight

retail design

With customer experience as the focus, we apply branding and design to the built environment that best supports a brand's story and function. From the floor plan, to outdoor signage, to fixtures, and the cashwrap—your customer experience and brand vision must be clear, consistent and intentional. 

  • Interior Design

  • Customer Journey and Space Planning

  • Interior and Exterior Signage

  • Back of House / Office

  • Construction Drawings and Schematics

  • Vendor and Bid Management

  • Construction and Installation Management

Debbies Retail Design
Trade Show Design

trade shows & events

We truly love designing exhibit and event spaces, we feel it allows us the opportunity and freedom to be really creative in making truly unique and immersive experiences that often only serve a temporary but very focused function. We'll often provide our clients design support from creation of marketing collateral and visuals, through to final space design and Installation.

  • Signage and Collateral

  • Space Planning

  • Furniture and Fixtures

  • Mechanicals and Schematics

  • Fabrication Management

  • Vendor and Bid Management

  • Installation Oversight and Set-up

sourcing & production

Once we’ve nailed your concept,
we’re ready to jump right into bringing it to reality with our production partners. From sourcing the partner with just the right capabilities for
your project to production oversight, shipping, and fulfilment. We manage the process with a keen attention to detail to deliver quality products. 

  • Mechanical Drawings

  • Packaging Receptacles

  • Display Manufacturing

  • Technical and Organizational Management

  • Print Proofing and Samples

  • Timeline Management

  • Vendor Communication

Sourcing and Production

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