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CBx Packaging
CBx Logo

CBx Sciences Branding, Packaging, and Photography

An international botanical technology company, CBx Sciences is dedicated to creating effective products, formulations and technology platforms for cannabis. Budder helped Rejuvenate the brand with unique visuals to represent the natural approach to health products and distinguish it's identity from competitors.


  • Branding

  • Packaging

  • Production

  • Photography

  • Print

CBx Logo Suite

Logo assets and packaging were redesigned for merging science with natural elements. As products were launched in multiple states, a method of placement was implemented to accommodate requirements of other markets.

Visuals were rephotographed to align with branding direction.

CBx Sciences Infographic
CBx Infographic

With a growing line of products, each would have different uses and areas of effect. Informative print material were created to aid consumers in understanding how their anatomy would respond to these cannabinoid ingredients. 

CBx Sciences Poster
CBx Sciences Brochure
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