A globally recognized, modern wellness company empowering people to naturally manage their health and happiness through dose-controlled cannabis-based therapy.


Develop and oversee the production of a flexible system of merchandising and scalable display domains to be utilized across various retail size accommodations.


  • Retail Design

  • Merchandising

  • Production

We created a modular Shop-In-Shop retail experience that could be scaled from a smaller 3-foot wall domain to beyond 20-feet. The system features a set of modular components to simplify production and allow customization
at different locations. 

The image below shows the scalability of the system and its components.

These retail installations provided the hosting retailer access to the brand's novel customer base and elevated the retail experience of
the store. Larger spaces allow 
for a 360° shoppable domain, exhibiting the new merchandising system from all angles.


The merchandising system is designed to work both on shelf 
and under counter. Modularity
gives this system flexibility on
how its components are
assembled and arranged.

Known as the kit-of-parts, it included pen holders, signage, trays, risers and more. The various components feature
a simple magnetic setup with 
the ability to replace products
and graphics as needed.