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Native Sun Cannabis Logo

Native Sun Branding, Retail Design, and Merchandising

Native Sun is a dispensary brand with multiple locations in the state of Massachusetts. Over the course of ~8 months Budder refreshed and enhanced the brand's visual identity and applied it to their flagship store in North Attleborough, as well designing web, social and swag.


  • Visual Identity

  • Brand Guide

  • Copywriting

  • Retail Audit

  • Retail Design

  • Merchandising Strategy

  • Production

  • Swag/Apparel Design

Native Sun Cannabis Logo
Native Sun Cannabis Logo
Native Sun Cannabis Logo
Native Sun Cannabis Logo
Native Sun Cannabis Lobby Sign

Brand Development


Native Sun branding is inspired by nature which we celebrated by writing statements such as "Smell the Flower, Feel the Sun" and identifying color palettes from natural seasonal surroundings  

Further in support of the nature inspiration, we created product merchandising categories that supported times of the day (Sunrise, High noon and Sunset). These categories loosely align with flower categories: Sativa, Hybrid, Indica. Creating product groupings/categories helps create a familiar shopping experience.


Native Sun Cannabis Brand Guide

Retail Space Planning

Starting with a high-level audit, we closely consider the customer journey and path to purchase, through which we identify environmental branding , signage, and merchandising opportunties. 

Native Sun Paint Schedule

Environmental Graphics

We love finding unique and memorable brand expression. For Native Sun we had the opportunity to create a string art installation that was inspired by the sun's rays of light, and graphic wall treatments that played with light and shadow.

Menu Designs


We've found that vertically oriented digital menus often allow for the highest number of products to be shown at one time. Also, We went for a high contrast design, as well as carrying over icons and color categorization, to help maximize menu legibility and immediacy.


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