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Headliners Brand

Headliners is a pre-roll brand of Ethos Cannabis. We helped to originate the brand from name, position and story, to packaging design and website.  We also had a great time producing a photoshoot for the product launch.


  • Visual Identity

  • Brand Guide

  • Packaging

  • Website

  • Photoshoot

See website:


Packaging Design 


Headliners follows the musical theme of Ethos current lineup of flower products. The connection of music and cannabis is longstanding and universal. Headliners is meant to celebrates that connection and capture the vibes and feelings of a live event.

This is in part told in the clean bold typography (name in lights), the high contrast b/w color pallet (spotlight is on) offset by the vibrant tamper resistant stickers naming the strain types; "opener" (sativa), "intermission" (hybrid) and showstopper (indica). 

The strains are highlighted on color-coded stickers paired with a geometric line pattern, that resemble event tickets on each tin. A chromatic foil adds a shine to the packaging to give a little pop!


Product & Lifestyle Photoshoot​


This candid lifestyle photoshoot was styled as an after hours party, with the actors having come home from a night out at a concert and continuing the party at home. Supporting the story we had fun applying the brand palette to concert wristbands and other fun props.


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