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Seed & Strain Branding and Packaging Design

Budder helped Columbia Care with brand strategy, positioning, naming and storytelling. Once the preliminary possitioning was established, we designed and develop the brand's visual identity and packaging solutions for an expansive line of products in all categories: flower, edible, vape, concentrate and topical.


  • Brand Origination

  • Naming Exercises

  • Visual Identity

  • Brand Guide

  • Brand Story and Statements

  • Packaging Design

Brand Origination and Visual Identity


Columbia Care wanted a brand that was uniquely East Coast - which meant to us something that felt heritage and artisanal. 


We took inspiration for the brand's story from the hardworking east coast originators,  a "salt of the earth" bunch of folks who are outdoorsy and dedication to their craft. 

Following the brand inspo, the visual identity leaned into handmade typography and simple packaging designs, influenced by the utilitarian packaging used during the times of prohibition of both cannabis and alcohol. 

Seed and Strain Merch Design
Seed and Strain Branding

Brand Copywriting

Seed & Strain is rooted in land and harvested by hand.


We grow our flower with reverence for the seeds we sow. With a commitment to ethical and environmental sustainability, we receive mother nature’s gift and craft our crop into the finest offerings. Our plants are fed nothing but the best organic nutrients and nurtured by hand and heart.

Seed and Strain Packaging
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