Jaunt was created to
help escape the everyday. Honoring clean design, time for relaxation, and
a little bit of quirkiness.


Design a functional, modern
and minimal collection of smoking accessories. Develop brand visuals and voice, manage marketing and outreach content, oversee production for the launch of the brand. 


  • Branding

  • Product Design

  • Packaging

  • Production

  • Photography

  • Social Media

Sketching and digital concepting began with the goal to create
a cohesive set of pipes that each had a unique feel and function. Several rounds of prototypes
and 3D models were created to better understand the form, scale and usability of each piece. 

Using the fine-tuned models, molds were created for casting the pipes in ceramic. After user testing and feedback; improvements were made to the pipes and the finalized products were molded, cast, and ready for production at scale. 

Packing and shipping materials were designed to give the
full brand experience upon unboxing, and supporting print and web communications feature original copywriting, photography and illustration. 

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