A family-owned business, this dispensary has used it's homely charm to grow from small town operations into a state-wide retailer of quality medical marijuana.


Give all current and future dispensary locations visual
rebranding and improve client-employee interaction with a unique merchandising system.


  • Retail Design

  • Interior Design

  • Merchandising

  • Production

  • Branding

  • Space Planning

Each location was modeled
for use in space planning and identifying opportunities. Lobbies and dispensaries were main
areas of interest. In these, some rebranded elements were textures for surfaces and signage. Furniture was also selected to give the space a more elevated feel.

To create an efficient and easily identifiable display, a new counter
organization system was developed. Combining color coding and symbolism, customers could better identify the different strain types offered, as well
as the effects associated with them.
With an arrangement of slotting and magnetized metal parts, elements
could be interchanged and removed easily as inventory changed.


Other brand components were
fabricated for display throughout locations, such as hanging neon
text signage. Our team also built
a custom light fixture composed
of three-dozen glass bongs. These elements became significant pieces in showing character, as clients would share on social media.