Founded in 2009, Apothecanna’s mission is to spread the wisdom of traditional plant medicine with products composed both of organic and wildcrafted essential oils. 


Energize and standardize Apothecanna’s color palette
and product photography. 
Design both print and digital
marketing assets for upcoming product launches and promotions.


  • Photography

  • Brand Development

  • Marketing

  • Social Media

  • Print Media

Extensive color testing was conducted and all product photography assets were retouched to ensure vibrant, true-to-life color-matching in digital and print applications.


In collaboration with renowned artist Kevin Lyons, Apothecanna celebrated 420 with a holiday sale. Budder adapted Lyon’s artwork for a web and social media campaign which included banner graphics, gifs, and animations.

As Apothecanna’s product line expanded, Budder executed digital graphics in coordination with product photography retouching. The Rollerball launch campaign featured playful and weightless imagery for use in emails, website, and social media. 

In support of their best-selling Extra Strength products, Budder executed
a print advertisement which ran in Med Men’s Ember Magazine, featuring super-bold headline copy and product photography. The print ad was expanded for digital roll-outs, and other applications were visualized.