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Times Are a Changin’...

Budder Creative x Mural Arts Philadelphia

Mural Arts Philadelphia is the nation’s largest public art program, dedicated to the belief that art ignites change. Mural Arts uses participatory public art to transform people, places, perceptions and practices.

Mural Arts started in the 80’s as a city program for cleaning up walls that were covered in graffiti, which at the time was considered a nuisance without artistic merit. In the process of getting to know the graffiti artists, Mural Arts founder Jane Golden recognized their creative value and the potential for art to ignite positive change. Now Mural Arts’ projects and programs touch 25,000 people each year, ranging from students in need of art education to those returning home from prison.


Did you know? Mural Arts Philadelphia is the nation’s largest public art program.


Budder Creative was proud to sponsor their annual fundraiser, Wall Ball, which honored philanthropists Julia and David Fleischner, Philadelphia Eagles player and community activist Malcolm Jenkins, and artist collaborators Jesse Krimes and Russell Craig. These remarkable individuals are taking action to address one of the great moral imperatives of our time: reforming our criminal justice system and reframing the narrative around incarceration and re-entry. Knowing that so many people of color are disproportionately affected by minor offenses with the very plant we celebrate, we are having conversations about how our industry can re-examine old belief systems and seek new ways for all to benefit.

Malcolm Jenkins

Like graffiti, the cannabis plant and those associated with it, have been vilified and misunderstood for a long time. But today, more and more people are recognizing its benefits. The plant has shown enormous potential in treating a variety of medical conditions with its abundance of 100+ naturally occurring cannabinoids– THC and CBD being two that are most recognizable today. Recreationally, cannabis helps us to relax and connect to each other and our surroundings. And importantly, through the legalization and taxation of cannabis, countless communities have been economically revitalized across the country, using the raised funds for important public programs.

With the changing public perception of cannabis leading to legalization in more areas of the country, the enormous potential of the plant and those that champion it, are starting to get their deserved recognition. The Budder Creative team is excited to be part of this change, as we leverage our talents to lift up the industry and strive to expand the customers we serve.

Budder is proud to have sponsored Wall Ball 2019 and we look forward to more opportunities to engage in community service initiatives that reflect our core values and beliefs.


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